Use the /collab command on Discord to gain access to the OneJS private repo. The repo offers early access to the latest features and fixes that may not yet be available on the Asset Store. An early preview of OneJS V2 is available on branch onejs-v2. It brings major performance improvements, zero-allocation interop, and a new esbuild workflow.
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This sample is available as a public repo at

Step-by-step Setup

  • Extract this repo to {ProjectDir}/OneJS/FortniteSample
  • Open {ProjectDir}/OneJS with VSCode and run the tsc: watch task (Ctrl + Shift + B)
  • In Unity, drag a ScriptEngine prefab onto the scene.
  • Create an empty GameObject in scene and name it charman. Then, drag the included CharacterManager.cs onto it.
  • Add CharacterManager to the Objects list under ScriptEngine's INTEROP; name it to charman. (Read the info box above the Objects list for tips on how to pick specific Objects)
  • Set Live Reload's entry script to FortniteSample/index.js.
  • Hit Play and you should be all set