To gain access to the OneJS private repo, pm Singtaa via Discord and provide your Invoice Number and GitHub username. The repo offers early access to the latest features and fixes that may not yet be available on the Asset Store. Our Discord channel is also a great resource for community-answered questions.
The Scripting Engine and
UI Solution for Unity
OneJS brings the power of Typescript, (P)React, Live-Reload, and many other beloved web techs to Unity. It is lightweight, performant, works everywhere, has 1-to-1 interop with UI Toolkit, and does not require any browser/webview embedding.

Do Everything in Typescript

No more waiting for C# compilation and Domain Reload. You can access the entirety of UnityEngine or any .Net assemblies in Typescript.

Preact and Live-Reload make UI Dev a breeze

Preact Hooks and Signals work out-of-the-box. Same goes for Tailwind, Styled Components, and Emotion.

Works Everywhere

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Editor, Standalone, Mono, Il2cpp

Live Sync Code across Multiple Devices

Yes, live-testing code and UI on target devices can be this easy!

Full-Source UI Samples

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