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The Scripting Engine and
UI Solution for Unity
OneJS brings the power of Typescript, (P)React, Live-Reload, and many other beloved web techs to Unity. It is lightweight, performant, works everywhere, has 1-to-1 interop with UI Toolkit, and does not require any browser/webview embedding.

Do Everything in Typescript

No more waiting for C# compilation and Domain Reload. You can access the entirety of UnityEngine or any .Net assemblies in Typescript.

Preact and Live-Reload make UI Dev a breeze

Preact Hooks and Signals work out-of-the-box. Same goes for Tailwind, Styled Components, and Emotion.

Works Everywhere

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Editor, Standalone, Mono, Il2cpp

Live Sync Code across Multiple Devices

Yes, live-testing code and UI on target devices can be this easy!

Full-Source UI Samples

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