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OneJS's Dom is a thin wrapper over the underlying VisualElement. Dom basically implements the mininum amount of features that's required from Preact.

The Dom object has 2 properties that are worth mentioning. One is, the other is is useful for grabbing the actual VisualElement. But because VisualElement is from C#/.Net, sometimes working with it can be a bit verbose. For example, to set the rotate style for a VisualElement, you'd need to do: = new StyleRotate(new Rotate(new Angle(-36)))

Which is fairly tedious to write. This is where comes in. It's a convenience wrapper over the counterpart. So you can just do this: = -36

Full code example:

import { h, render } from "preact"
import { Dom } from "OneJS/Dom"
import { useRef, useEffect } from "preact/hooks"
import { Angle, Rotate, StyleRotate } from "UnityEngine/UIElements"

const App = () => {
    const ref = useRef<Dom>()

    useEffect(() => {
        // ref.current returns the Dom object
        // returns the underlying VisualElement

        // Both the following lines do the same thing = new StyleRotate(new Rotate(new Angle(-36))) = -36
    }, [])

    return <div ref={ref}>Hello</div>

render(<App />, document.body)