Use the /collab command on Discord to gain access to the OneJS private repo. The repo offers early access to the latest features and fixes that may not yet be available on the Asset Store. An early preview of OneJS V2 is available on branch onejs-v2. It brings major performance improvements, zero-allocation interop, and a new esbuild workflow.
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[2023-10-22] v1.6.8

  • Cyclic error fix for preact falsey check in Hookstate
  • TSDefConverter moved to using UI Toolkit instead of IMGUI (credit to @iDevelopThings)
  • Various Jint tweaks (RunAvailableContinuations & UnwrapIfPromise)
  • Updated Jint with rest/spread bug fix
  • Fixed the # char bug for TW classes
  • Added _includeOverriddenMembers for TSDefConverter
  • Fixed OpenDir for Linux

[2023-09-09] v1.6.7

  • Auto-reimport uss after generation (Tailwind)
  • useEventfulState() forceUpdate() regression fix

[2023-08-31] v1.6.6 - Stability and Misc Additions

  • Updated Jint to [beta-2050]
  • jsx-runtime support
  • OnPreprocessBuild now accommodates when there's no scene listed in the build settings
  • Added comps sample scene
  • Added GradientTextureFill Job example
  • Added onEngineDestroy
  • Added webapi.getImage()
  • Added OnInitOptions to ScriptEngine
  • Dom.addEventListener now go through all loaded assemblies
  • Fixed regression in InitAllUIElementEvents()
  • Added TagTypeResolver to ScriptEngine
  • JSON module import
  • Added default tasks.json for vscode
  • Added EventfulPropertyAttribute and corresponding source generator
  • Added ValueTuple check in TSDefConverter

[2023-07-03] v1.6.4 - Comp Library and More

  • Added a new Component Library under ScriptLib/onejs/comps. These are inspired by HeadlessUI.
    • Please see the v1.6 Docs for more information.
  • ScriptLib folder now will contain the .ts files. This is to make it easier to refer to the TS implementation instead of the compiled JS.

[2023-05-30] v1.6.1 - Major Tailwind Rework

[2023-04-23] v1.5.9 - Quite a bit of QoL stuff, Tweaks, and Bugfixes

  • Added more CLR exception handling logging
  • VisualElementExts ForceUpdate()
  • Preact <-> Jint Cyclic ref error fix
  • Added array type mapping for TSDefConverter
  • Added public properties for ScriptEngine option fields
  • Added _logRedundantErrors to ScriptEngine
  • BuildProcessor bugfix for Cloudbuild @mattehr
  • Improved addEventListener and removeEventListener to allow multiple callbacks on the same event
  • Jint Engine tweak: MemberNameComparer = StringComparer.Ordinal
  • Color processor fix
  • More fields added to Image tag (jsx def)
  • Added unitySliceScale support (new in Unity 2022.2)
  • [StyleProcessor] Check for all falsy values instead of just null
  • forceUpdate() in useEventfulState
  • Added ref support for styled comp
  • Added memo to preact/compat

[2023-03-04] v1.5.7 - Minor Tweaks and Bugfixes

  • Better VectorAPI version check
  • .boxedValue alternative (for Unity 2021.3)
  • Auto-create directory for player workingDir

[2023-02-18] v1.5.5 - Internal Code Improvements

Online documentation was revamped! Check it out at There is now a new comprehensive Tutorial101.

  • Cloud Build support (some internal changes to Bundler)
  • Runtime USS errors are now properly handled (No longer need to reload scene)
  • Offline Doumentation.pdf revamped
  • Many minior tweaks and bugfixes

[2023-01-26] v1.5.1 - Getting ready for VanillaBox

  • New custom Editors for ScriptEngine, Bundler, and LiveReload. Removed dependency on NaughtyAttributes.
  • Some internal changes done to support the launch of VanillaBox
  • Removed lib.dom.d.ts from the default Typescript typings
  • Made WorkingDir more configurable per ScriptEngine. This also makes having multiple ScriptEngines easier.
  • Replaced FrontLoader and ImageLoader with the resource global variable
  • Moved OneJSBuildProcessor functionality to Bundler
  • Removed Extract ScriptLib On Start option as this is replaced by the ScriptsBundle

[2023-01-04] v1.4.5 Misc

  • TSDefConverter now supports Jint syntax for events ("add_" and "remove_").
  • Added a new Sample (CharManSample)

[2022-12-25] v1.4.4 Misc

  • Bugfix for clearInterval() not working inside the queued action
  • classnames added
  • VectorAPI check for sample scene

[2022-12-15] v1.4.3 Built-in Styled Components and Emotion APIs

  • Implemented onejs/styled which includes both styled-components and emotion APIs.
  • backgroundImage Style prop now also accepts Sprite objects in addition to string paths and Texture objects.
  • Reverted default Trickledown.
  • ScriptEngine.Objects list will now accept any UnityEngine.Object, not just MonoBehaviours.

[2022-11-08] v1.3.5 - useEventfulState()

  • Implemented useEventfulState()
  • Fixed inconsistent timing between and requestAnimationFrame()
  • Keep existing unity-* classnames intact for stock controls
  • Added IsByRef check in TSDef Converter
  • Updated Preact Signals to latest version
  • Path Resolver tweak

[2022-10-13] v1.3.3a - Bundler Changes

  • Added user-defined sub-directories for the bundler to ignore during runtime updates

[2022-10-08] v1.3.3 - Async/await support

  • Async/await are now supported in OneJS scripts

  • Preact Signals are also now fully supported

  • Changed QueuedActions to use PriorityQueue

  • Added RadioButton and RadioButtonGroup TS Defs and sample usage

  • Fixed issue with relative path loading same modules more than once

  • Fixed OneJSBuildProcessor+OnPreprocessBuild _ignoreList issue

  • NetSync: Have Server also Broadcast

  • Tailwind ParseColor bugfix @LordXyroz

[2022-09-15] v1.3.1a - ExCSS.Unity fix

  • Patched ExCSS.Unity.dll so it doesn't cause conflicts with other Unity packages

[2022-09-13] v1.3.1 - Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed turning Live Reload off for Standalone builds
  • Add Navigation Events to the TS definitions
  • Better UglifyJS error handling
  • Adds support for chaining pseudo selectors @Walrusking16
  • Tag lookup fix, Dom compliance and ListView example @Sciumo

[2022-09-01] v1.3.0 - Runtime CSS

You are now able to load CSS strings at runtime via document.addRuntimeCSS(). See for more information.

  • Runtime CSS
  • Updated Jint to latest
  • Copy to Clipboard for TSDefConverter (credit to @Sciumo)
  • Added node_modules to JSPathResolver
  • _engine.ResetConstraints() in Update Loop
  • Action queues without coroutines
  • setInterval

[2022-07-10] v1.2.1 - Minor features and bugfixes

  • Implemented onValueChanged for UI Toolkit controls
  • Fixed __listeners Linux slowdown
  • GameObject Extensions AddComp(), GetComp(), and FindType() fixes
  • UIElementsNativeModule handling for 2022.2 and later

[2022-06-24] v1.2.0 - WorkingDir Rework

You are now able to keep all your scripts under {ProjectDir}/OneJS. And the scripts will be automatically bundled into{persistentDataPath}/OneJS for Standalone builds.

  • Added a Bundler component that is responsible for extracting scripts.
  • Added OneJSBuildProcessor ScriptableObject that is responsible for packaging scripts (for Standalone builds).
    • This is generally automatic as it uses OnPreprocessBuild
    • It also provides glob ignore patterns for things you don't want to include in the bundle.
  • Added [DefaultExecutionOrder] for various components.
  • Added an extra option (Poll Standalone Screen) on the Tailwind component to allow you to also watch for screen changes for standalone builds.

[2022-06-19] v1.1.2 - Bugfixes

  • Fixed various preact cyclic reference errors
  • Fixed preact diff bug (missing parentNode)
  • Fixed Tailwind StyleScale regression in 2021.3

[2022-06-08] v1.1.1 - Flipbook and more Tailwind support

Newly Added:

  • Flipbook Visual Element
  • Negative value support for Tailwind

Minor Bug fixes:

  • Opacity bugfix
  • Preact useContext bugfix
  • Preact nested children bugfix

[2022-05-26] v1.1.0 - Tailwind and Multi-Device Live Reload

New Features:

  • Tailwind
  • Multi-Device Live Reload
  • USS transition support in JSX

Other Notables:

  • Completely reworked Live Reload's File watching mechanism to conserve more CPU cycles. Previously it was using FileSystemWatcher (poor performance when watching directories recursively).
  • New GradientRect control (allows linear gradients with 4 corners, demo'ed in the fortnite ui sample)

Minor Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Double to Single casting error during Dom.setAttribute
  • Fixed object[] casting during Dom.setAttribute
  • Fixed unityTextAlign style Enum bug
  • Fixed overflow style Enum bug
  • Fixed a bunch of setStyleList bugs

[2022-05-16] v1.0.0 - Initial Release

  • Full Preact Integration with 1-to-1 interop with UI Toolkit
  • Live Reload
  • C# to TS Def converter