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[2023-09-09] v1.6.7

  • Auto-reimport uss after generation (Tailwind)
  • useEventfulState() forceUpdate() regression fix

[2023-08-31] v1.6.6 - Stability and Misc Additions

  • Updated Jint to [beta-2050]
  • jsx-runtime support
  • OnPreprocessBuild now accommodates when there's no scene listed in the build settings
  • Added comps sample scene
  • Added GradientTextureFill Job example
  • Added onEngineDestroy
  • Added webapi.getImage()
  • Added OnInitOptions to ScriptEngine
  • Dom.addEventListener now go through all loaded assemblies
  • Fixed regression in InitAllUIElementEvents()
  • Added TagTypeResolver to ScriptEngine
  • JSON module import
  • Added default tasks.json for vscode
  • Added EventfulPropertyAttribute and corresponding source generator
  • Added ValueTuple check in TSDefConverter

[2023-07-03] v1.6.4 - Comp Library and More

  • Added a new Component Library under ScriptLib/onejs/comps. These are inspired by HeadlessUI.
    • Please see the v1.6 Docs for more information.
  • ScriptLib folder now will contain the .ts files. This is to make it easier to refer to the TS implementation instead of the compiled JS.

[2023-05-30] v1.6.1 - Major Tailwind Rework

[2023-04-23] v1.5.9 - Quite a bit of QoL stuff, Tweaks, and Bugfixes

  • Added more CLR exception handling logging
  • VisualElementExts ForceUpdate()
  • Preact <-> Jint Cyclic ref error fix
  • Added array type mapping for TSDefConverter
  • Added public properties for ScriptEngine option fields
  • Added _logRedundantErrors to ScriptEngine
  • BuildProcessor bugfix for Cloudbuild @mattehr
  • Improved addEventListener and removeEventListener to allow multiple callbacks on the same event
  • Jint Engine tweak: MemberNameComparer = StringComparer.Ordinal
  • Color processor fix
  • More fields added to Image tag (jsx def)
  • Added unitySliceScale support (new in Unity 2022.2)
  • [StyleProcessor] Check for all falsy values instead of just null
  • forceUpdate() in useEventfulState
  • Added ref support for styled comp
  • Added memo to preact/compat

[2023-03-04] v1.5.7 - Minor Tweaks and Bugfixes

  • Better VectorAPI version check
  • .boxedValue alternative (for Unity 2021.3)
  • Auto-create directory for player workingDir

[2023-02-18] v1.5.5 - Internal Code Improvements

Online documentation was revamped! Check it out at There is now a new comprehensive Tutorial101.

  • Cloud Build support (some internal changes to Bundler)
  • Runtime USS errors are now properly handled (No longer need to reload scene)
  • Offline Doumentation.pdf revamped
  • Many minior tweaks and bugfixes

[2023-01-26] v1.5.1 - Getting ready for VanillaBox

  • New custom Editors for ScriptEngine, Bundler, and LiveReload. Removed dependency on NaughtyAttributes.
  • Some internal changes done to support the launch of VanillaBox
  • Removed lib.dom.d.ts from the default Typescript typings
  • Made WorkingDir more configurable per ScriptEngine. This also makes having multiple ScriptEngines easier.
  • Replaced FrontLoader and ImageLoader with the resource global variable
  • Moved OneJSBuildProcessor functionality to Bundler
  • Removed Extract ScriptLib On Start option as this is replaced by the ScriptsBundle

[2023-01-04] v1.4.5 Misc

  • TSDefConverter now supports Jint syntax for events ("add_" and "remove_").
  • Added a new Sample (CharManSample)

[2022-12-25] v1.4.4 Misc

  • Bugfix for clearInterval() not working inside the queued action
  • classnames added
  • VectorAPI check for sample scene

[2022-12-15] v1.4.3 Built-in Styled Components and Emotion APIs

  • Implemented onejs/styled which includes both styled-components and emotion APIs.
  • backgroundImage Style prop now also accepts Sprite objects in addition to string paths and Texture objects.
  • Reverted default Trickledown.
  • ScriptEngine.Objects list will now accept any UnityEngine.Object, not just MonoBehaviours.

[2022-11-08] v1.3.5 - useEventfulState()

  • Implemented useEventfulState()
  • Fixed inconsistent timing between and requestAnimationFrame()
  • Keep existing unity-* classnames intact for stock controls
  • Added IsByRef check in TSDef Converter
  • Updated Preact Signals to latest version
  • Path Resolver tweak

[2022-10-13] v1.3.3a - Bundler Changes

  • Added user-defined sub-directories for the bundler to ignore during runtime updates

[2022-10-08] v1.3.3 - Async/await support

  • Async/await are now supported in OneJS scripts

  • Preact Signals are also now fully supported

  • Changed QueuedActions to use PriorityQueue

  • Added RadioButton and RadioButtonGroup TS Defs and sample usage

  • Fixed issue with relative path loading same modules more than once

  • Fixed OneJSBuildProcessor+OnPreprocessBuild _ignoreList issue

  • NetSync: Have Server also Broadcast

  • Tailwind ParseColor bugfix @LordXyroz

[2022-09-15] v1.3.1a - ExCSS.Unity fix

  • Patched ExCSS.Unity.dll so it doesn't cause conflicts with other Unity packages

[2022-09-13] v1.3.1 - Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed turning Live Reload off for Standalone builds
  • Add Navigation Events to the TS definitions
  • Better UglifyJS error handling
  • Adds support for chaining pseudo selectors @Walrusking16
  • Tag lookup fix, Dom compliance and ListView example @Sciumo

[2022-09-01] v1.3.0 - Runtime CSS

You are now able to load CSS strings at runtime via document.addRuntimeCSS(). See for more information.

  • Runtime CSS
  • Updated Jint to latest
  • Copy to Clipboard for TSDefConverter (credit to @Sciumo)
  • Added node_modules to JSPathResolver
  • _engine.ResetConstraints() in Update Loop
  • Action queues without coroutines
  • setInterval

[2022-07-10] v1.2.1 - Minor features and bugfixes

  • Implemented onValueChanged for UI Toolkit controls
  • Fixed __listeners Linux slowdown
  • GameObject Extensions AddComp(), GetComp(), and FindType() fixes
  • UIElementsNativeModule handling for 2022.2 and later

[2022-06-24] v1.2.0 - WorkingDir Rework

You are now able to keep all your scripts under {ProjectDir}/OneJS. And the scripts will be automatically bundled into{persistentDataPath}/OneJS for Standalone builds.

  • Added a Bundler component that is responsible for extracting scripts.
  • Added OneJSBuildProcessor ScriptableObject that is responsible for packaging scripts (for Standalone builds).
    • This is generally automatic as it uses OnPreprocessBuild
    • It also provides glob ignore patterns for things you don't want to include in the bundle.
  • Added [DefaultExecutionOrder] for various components.
  • Added an extra option (Poll Standalone Screen) on the Tailwind component to allow you to also watch for screen changes for standalone builds.

[2022-06-19] v1.1.2 - Bugfixes

  • Fixed various preact cyclic reference errors
  • Fixed preact diff bug (missing parentNode)
  • Fixed Tailwind StyleScale regression in 2021.3

[2022-06-08] v1.1.1 - Flipbook and more Tailwind support

Newly Added:

  • Flipbook Visual Element
  • Negative value support for Tailwind

Minor Bug fixes:

  • Opacity bugfix
  • Preact useContext bugfix
  • Preact nested children bugfix

[2022-05-26] v1.1.0 - Tailwind and Multi-Device Live Reload

New Features:

  • Tailwind
  • Multi-Device Live Reload
  • USS transition support in JSX

Other Notables:

  • Completely reworked Live Reload's File watching mechanism to conserve more CPU cycles. Previously it was using FileSystemWatcher (poor performance when watching directories recursively).
  • New GradientRect control (allows linear gradients with 4 corners, demo'ed in the fortnite ui sample)

Minor Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Double to Single casting error during Dom.setAttribute
  • Fixed object[] casting during Dom.setAttribute
  • Fixed unityTextAlign style Enum bug
  • Fixed overflow style Enum bug
  • Fixed a bunch of setStyleList bugs

[2022-05-16] v1.0.0 - Initial Release

  • Full Preact Integration with 1-to-1 interop with UI Toolkit
  • Live Reload
  • C# to TS Def converter