Use the /collab command on Discord to gain access to the OneJS private repo. The repo offers early access to the latest features and fixes that may not yet be available on the Asset Store. An early preview of OneJS V2 is available on branch onejs-v2. It brings major performance improvements, zero-allocation interop, and a new esbuild workflow.

This is the Community Wiki for OneJS. It's hosted on Github and also mirrored at Anyone can make edits to this wiki on Github. Changes from Github will be automatically pulled by within a few minutes.


This is very much a work in progress. We encourage everyone to share snippets, custom controls, and other examples they may find helpful for the community. Also, if you would like to see more examples on various topics, feel free to request them on our Discord.

We don't have a convention guide at this point (we will if things become too messy). But couple things are worth mentioning:

  1. Don't use special characters in page titles (because URL sanitization can become an issue)
  2. Try to only use standard Github Markup and avoid MediaWiki formats (because the mirror site doesn't support MediaWiki formats)