"Working Dir Rework" has landed in the private repo (also submitted to the Asset Store). You are now able to keep all your scripts under `{ProjectDir}/OneJS`. And the scripts will be automatically bundled into`{persistentDataPath}/OneJS` for Standalone builds. Docs here have been updated accordingly.

New features and bug fixes will land in the private github repo before becoming available on the Asset Store. To request access, please send an email or pm Singtaa#4915 on Discord with your Github username and OneJS Order/INV number.


Currently you can actually use OneJS (latest repo) with WebGL. But keep in mind that UI Toolkit itself is still buggy with WebGL, and WASM linking can be slow if you preserve whole assemblies like in the example link.xml. As time goes, UI Toolkit should become more stable with WebGL builds.

As a long-term goal, we will be exploring ways to tap into browser's own JS engine for interop instead of Jint for WebGL environment.