VanillaBox Console has been released! It's a free app that lets you quickly test out Unity runtime features. Check it out here!

Also, a newly revamped website with improved docs is coming soon. Stay tuned!

New features and bug fixes will land in the private github repo before becoming available on the Asset Store. To request access to the repo, please send an email or pm Singtaa#4915 on Discord with your Github username and OneJS Order/INV number.

C# to TS Definition

Out of the box, OneJS provides tons of TS definitions for the Unity ecosystem. UnityEngine, UIElements, Mathematics, to name a few. But there will be times that you'll want to make your own TS definitions for things we haven't covered.

So to make things easier for you, we included an auto converter that can extract TS definitions out of any C# type. You can access it from Unity menu (OneJS -> C# to TSDef Converter). The name you use should be the fully qualified type name. Remember you can use syntax like Foo`1 for generics and Foo+Bar for nested types.

Please note that no such converter is perfect. Ours works better than all the other ones we've tried. It'll get 90% of the work done for you, but you'll still need to make adjustments here and there.